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I am not a crazy player, I never was.

In 1984, I got a video game machine; it had a game called Pone. Few may know it, after all, it’s a game 30 years ago.

What now looks shabby was revolutionary at that time

Then, someday, I saw boys playing Tank. I was totally shocked that I even cannot move any more. My mom managed to get me to play. But I failed after a few second. And the experience overshadowed me from that moment. Until now, I still lack the skills to play ACT games.

Then the Arcade video game appeared. Seeing kids playing it made me very crave to try. But from the bottom of my heart, I know attending school should be my priority, just as parents told me.

Another reason is money. It is hard to get money. So we tried many ways to play without charge, like using wire or self-made coin…

But I just standing there and watch them play. But one day, my little pencil box was stolen during the watch! Since then, My hatred (or misunderstand) toward game turned deeper.

Time flies, I attended college. But the video game room was too marvelous to resist. I’ve found my missing childhood there. Then I spent a lot of nights off in the net café. I experienced many classic games there. But to me, game is nothing not some experience.

Chinese Paladin,the great classic!

Then I got a job, and I played a lot of games, but to me, they are still experience, nothing more, Until…

Until I find a program called flash, and learned the AcitonScript. Then, all of a sudden, I’ve got the skill to program some simple game.

And the sensation I get during making a game is far more stronger than playing it. I am deeply addicted to flash-game making since then. I even wrote some books to teach people how to make flash games.

A book called Doom also contributes in abducting me to game-making. In 2004, after reading it, I ignored the fact that I am no genius, and set game-making the ultimate goal for me. They said reading makes one wise, but this time it’s definitely not true.

Impulsion came with foolishness. I start to develop online game with some gays. After spending a lot of money, I suddenly find out that I knew nothing about game, not mentioning game-making.

I started making a website of my own to display my drawings. For better interaction, I choose flash. Then accidentally, I just want to make game again. Everything is so thunder-like. So I spent 3 months and work out the CACA, not for money, but for fun.

During making CACA, I called my cousin. I told him that I’ve reclaimed the happiness that vanquished years ago. He said, everyone need to find something to challenge in life.

So I think I’m challenging happily. And during the challenging, I find companies. They told me, we are making indie games.

Then I saw Indie Game the Movie, just like when I saw Doom, it seemed enlightened me, or just push me to the game developing which was just another dead end? I don’t know. But I know a saying from the movie: Indie game makers are mean to magnify our own short sides. So when I met Royeegg, a programmer with so many “short sides”, we decided to develop a fabulous indie game. The hero is Mr. Pumpkin. I made him with moustache, just like me, he is neither brave nor smart, always muddleheaded, just like Royeegg. But like us indie game maker, he is seeking for the purpose of life, constantly. If game is a poison, then I’ve been quenched for it for too long. So I hate more. May be I know nothing about games, maybe I don’t know game development at all. But these things matters no more.

The only thing that matters is: I want to make game!

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